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As the NZ distributor of eZee electric bicycles, we are responsible for making sure any eZee owners have access to their manufacturer’s warranty. Your point of contact is generally where you purchased your eZee bike (eg our shop, or another eZee dealer). If that is not an option (eg they have moved or you have…

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microscooters are serviceable

Micro scooters are hands down the best quality scooters you can buy for kids and adults. We stock the entire range of kids and adults scooters in our Auckland showroom at 29 East Street. Micro Mini, its awesome seat accessory, Micro Maxi, Sprite, Bullet, Rocket, Speed+, White, Black, Flex and Flex air, we’ve got them all.…

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Auckland’s best range of child seats for ebikes and bicycles is here! We have everything you need for carrying kids of all ages on bikes. That could be on your cargo bicycles, your ordinary bicycle, on their own bikes, balance bikes or scooters, we’ve got it all. We have purchased the entire stock of Dutch…

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COVID19: We are back open for business in Level 2.5 Learn More

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