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Bike Auckland and EBT

Hi everyone,

As many of you may have experienced in our last lockdown, the freedom your bike allows is absolutely amazing and Auckland has many wonderful cycleways to be enjoyed. These exist in part due to the hard work done by our friends at Bike Auckland.

Bike Auckland is a non-profit organisation which works to improve things for people on bikes in and around the city. It’s a membership organisation. And although thousands of you are on their email list or Facebook Page, a small minority is a formal, paid-up member. Being an official member gives Bike Auckland more lobbying credibility by showing that they are formally speaking on behalf of more Aucklanders.

Your membership supports their mission ‘to advocate for a truly bikeable city, to advise on best quality, world-class bike infrastructure and to activate the neighbourhoods by getting more Aucklanders out on bikes’. It also offers you discounts at Bike Auckland events, selected bike shops and merchants as well as being kept up-to-date by their regular e-newsletters. For more information please visit their website –

We support Bike Auckland by including a 1 year membership for free with every ebike we sell, thereby helping build their membership base and funding. This membership costs $50 per year but we cover the first year for you and at the end of the year your membership can be renewed through Bike Auckland. We ask for your consent to sign you up on our Bike Auckland Consent Form here. It requires your address to be updated as well for your membership card!

Already a Bike Auckland member? First of all, you’re probably not! Newsletter subscribers outnumber members by thousands – many people think they are a member because they’re a member in spirit! But if you don’t remember paying for membership (or buying an e-bike from us) in the last 12 months, then you’re not a member! Formally joining makes a tangible difference in Bike Auckland’s voice at the tables that matter.

Electric Bike Team

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