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Staying Alive at Level 2.5!

We are back open for business in Level 2.5 and look forward to seeing you!

It’s certainly a different feeling leaving Level 3 this time around. There are still daily cases of Covid in the community and there’s a feeling that we’re moving quickly down levels, rather than conservatively. There’s also a lot more Covid arrivals at the border into Managed Isolation than last time around.

Having said that, it’s certainly better for business to be open than closed and we are not taking the wage subsidy. So we’re going to gratefully take the opportunity to be open and will make all efforts to ensure that it isn’t at the cost of the wider effort to kick Covid out. 

These are our intentions (but we’ve never tried this before so it may adapt as we go):

  • Physical distancing is not possible inside our shop, we know that from last level 2.
  • All staff will be wearing masks when we are with customers. If you rely on lip-reading, please let us know and we will find a way to accomodate. 
  • We’d love it if all of you wore masks in our store too, but we don’t intend to compel you to.
  • Appointments for e-bike purchases (long visits) are highly recommended, but not mandatory: Showroom visit and test rides
  • The contactless option stays open for any customers who would prefer that. This includes bike dropoffs and pick ups, purchase click and collect and even contactless test rides. This won’t be the default, so you’ll have to let us know before coming.
  • Our QR code is on the door of course. Please scan this OR leave your details in our manual register
  • If you’re not feeling well, just call us! We can call you back on a video call to help you out, you can organise the contactless option for your visit or we can courier you some stuff.

If you have any suggestions, please email back, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Look forward to seeing you back in store!

Here are some photos of our first day in Level 2.5, where we are getting used to working with masks. Our overall impression is that other than a steamy feeling (and fog on my glasses!), it was fine. I was happy to discover that sound is not particularly affected by the mask, so most conversations were fairly normal.

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Maurice Wells

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