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Our workshop services

E-bike team has a fully equipped mechanical workshop, customised for electric and cargo bicycles. We offer unmatched after-sales service to all of our e-bike owners, including warranty servicing, scheduled maintenance, repairs, quotes, courtesy e-bikes and more.

Our mission is to keep your e-bike experience as smooth, safe and fun as possible.

Scheduled servicing

All electric bicycles need regular servicing, in order to keep them safe and in good working order, preserving warranties and reducing unscheduled downtime.

Customers who are getting their regular servicing needs met by us have access to courtesy e-bikes and fast-tracked bookings if something were to come up between their service interval. And for those who bought their e-bikes from us, we also offer a higher level of warranty service than the standard manufacturer’s warranty – specifically, all labour is free of charge when taking care of warranty matters

We can get you on track for regular scheduled services when you buy your e-bike. We offer a complimentary check-up at the 3 month point and then after that, based on usage, we will schedule in your next one! For most people this will mean 1-2 scheduled services per year. 

Although our workshop is mainly for our customers, if you didn’t buy your electric bicycle from us, we might still be able to take care of your servicing needs, provided that the e-bike you own is serviceable, parts are available and is fit for your use.

If your servicing history has been a bit patchy, we’re happy to get your back on track. The first step is to make a booking!

How to make a booking

Same Day Service bookings

For ‘same day service’, our workshop at any given moment is fully booked ahead anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. If your bike doesn’t need urgent attention, then a ‘same day service’ booking will suit you best as you get certainty of drop off and pick up timing and guaranteed availability of a courtesy e-bike should you request one.

To make a booking, Call us or fill in our contact form, with your preferred date ready or drop into the store.

Unscheduled maintenance/repairs

If you’re a regular customer with an issue that is stopping you from riding safely or can’t wait for a same day booking (eg puncture, brake pads or electrical gremlin), then we’ll get you rolling as soon as we can. Please still call us so that we know you’re coming. Turnaround times vary with the seasons and will depend on the nature of the repair required (punctures are usually while you wait). If a courtesy e-bike is available then you are welcome to it, but they are not guaranteed.

If you did not buy your e-bike from us, please answer the questions further below. We do not fix every e-bike out there, we are quite selective about which ones we will work on.

Dropping your bike off for its service

Please drop your bike off on its booking day before 11am. It’s also fine to drop it in a few days before your service if that suits you.

Keep in mind you’ll need at least 15 minutes when you arrive for us to talk to you about your bike and where possible, provide you with a quote before you leave. If it’s too busy to do this (eg most Saturdays), then we’ll have a good look at the bike later and call you to discuss.

For regular servicing, we will aim to service your bike at some point on your scheduled day. Even if you arrive at 9am on your booking day, it’s unlikely that someone is going to start working on it right at 9am. A lot of people arrive at 9am, including some staff so the best time to arrive is around 9:15-9:30.

Please note that this is the best possible outcome for everyone, but it is not guaranteed, sometimes the day can get away from us. If it’s essential that your bike is done on the booking day (eg you live out of town), please make that clear when booking.

When your bike is ready, we will contact you. If you haven’t heard from us and want to come in, please call before coming to pick it up, in case it’s still in progress. It’s awkward for everyone to be mid-job while you arrive and you don’t want your bike rushed.

If you can’t make your scheduled booking, please let us know. The more notice, the more quickly we can find another spot for you.

Which e-bikes we service

It’s a common scenario that we get a visit or a phone call regarding an e-bike that we do not offer servicing for. It’s often due to the brand of the bike not having a functional supply chain, even if the bike itself is of reasonable quality. At other times it’s simply because we are very booked out and prioritise the bikes that we sold. If you already have an e-bike and you’d like us to service it, please answer the following and we will respond promptly regarding whether or not we can offer our workshop services and in what capacity. We do not service scooters or non-electric bicycles (exception: Brompton and Vivente).

1 – Did we sell you your bike? If not, where did you buy it and in what year?

2 – What is the brand and model of your bike?

3 – Have we serviced your bike before?

4 – How did you hear about us? eg did someone refer you to us?

5 – What is a typical week’s usage of your bike

6 – Is your bike currently working and is just in need of maintenance, or is a repair required to get it going? What else can you tell us about what it needs?

7 – Would you benefit from the use of a ‘courtesy e-bike’ while we are servicing your bike (in general, not necessarily right now)?

We’re sorry for the 20 questions, but we’re confident that this will help us achieve a higher level of service for all of our workshop customers. 

Frequently asked questions

Q – Who has access to your workshop?

A – Anyone who purchased an electric bicycle from us. And when time allows, owners of similar e-bikes to those that we sell

Q – How long does it take to get a booking

A – For same day service bookings, anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. The best time therefore to book your next one is right after your service! For more urgent jobs, we don’t take bookings but rather carry out repairs ‘first come first served’

Q – How long will I be without my bike?

A – For a same day service booking, it will generally be just the day of your booking. For drop-ins it ranges from 1 day (puncture) to a few days (brake issues) to a couple weeks (tricky electrical gremlins)

Q – How much does a service cost

A – We can’t say for certain until we’ve seen your bike. To give an idea, a service on a regularly maintained e-bike is around $200 depending on the bike (cargo bikes are more). The service will cover the required regular maintenance specific to your model of bike (this is why they don’t all cost the same). If parts need to be fitted, then there will be extra costs for the parts themselves and the installation labour. As an example, a daily commuter in Auckland might need a service ($200), long-wearing disc brake pads fitted front and rear ($100), a puncture resistant tyre ($95) and installation ($100) for a total of $495. As time goes by and your bike ages, more parts and time are required for a service, such as servicing the internal hub gears. 

Recreational riders generally find their total bill is closer to the base service charge (eg $200), as they’re more likely to ride on cycle paths and in good weather and carrying less stuff.

Q – Do you have a pick up service?

A – No. But if you’ve had a breakdown and are an AA member, they will pick you up (excludes accidents)

Q – Can I drop off my bike before you open, ditto pickup?

A – Call us about how we can organise that, we may be able to organise somewhere for you to drop a key after locking your bike (at your own risk) on street. Our opening hours are here.

Q – I bought my e-bike from you. Do I have to get my e-bike serviced with you, or can I go elsewhere?

A – You’re free to get your servicing needs met wherever suits you. Some people even do it themselves. Let us know who is taking care of it and we will note to not hassle you with service reminders.

Q – I have a warranty issue. Will you help me?

A – If we sold you the bike, absolutely! If you didn’t buy the bike from us but you are a regular workshop customer of ours, then we can help with the warranty for a fee to cover our efforts. You might be able to recover that fee from your place of purchase of the bike or from the brand. For all others, please refer to your place of purchase as your first point of call.

Q – I’ve found other places offering a cheaper ‘bike service’, why does yours cost more?

A – It’s hard to compare one ‘bike service’ with another. We’re charging what we need to keep the workshop available for all aspects of your years of owning one of our e-bikes. Other than rent and wages and tools, we also have to budget in training new staff, courtesy e-bikes and keeping spare parts on hand (some of which will never be used but we keep them just in case). Our location was also chosen for its convenience to e-bike users, not for low rent. We aim to provide the most complete, convenient and sought after e-bike servicing in the city, not the cheapest.

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