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eZee Warranties

As the NZ distributor of eZee electric bicycles, we are responsible for making sure any eZee owners have access to their manufacturer’s warranty. Your point of contact is generally where you purchased your eZee bike (eg our shop, or another eZee dealer). If that is not an option (eg they have moved or you have moved), then the next best thing is your closest eZee dealer. If that’s not an option either, then in the first instance please contact us and we will find a solution for you.

The manufacturer’s warranty is upheld by us, the importers and covers replacement of any faulty parts (including freight to the store you bought the bike from if not from us). Diagnosis and repair of any faults is done either by us or from the place of purchase of your bike. In almost all cases, there is no charge to you for warranty work. Warranty does not cover second order things, such as retrieving your bike from somewhere or costs incurred while you’re without your bike (eg for bus fares), although in our store we will offer a courtesy electric bicycle for you while we are sorting yours out.

There is a 2 year warranty on the electric system and all of its parts, including battery, controller, motor, handlebar display, pedal sensor, key switch, pedal sensor and lights.

The battery warranty guarantees that at the 2 year point, your battery has at least 70% of its rated, new capacity. This is tested at a discharge rate of 10A (eg a 2 hour drain on a 20Ah battery).

The warranties on the mechanical aspects of the bike depend on the component in question. All Shimano branded parts have a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects. The frame itself has a 10 year warranty and the fork has 5 years.

EZee Cadence R6
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