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Qibbel Rear Seat


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The elusive bench seat with seat belt for 5-10 year olds! This is a hard one to find on the market and is very popular on long tail cargo bikes. Perfect for when your kids have outgrown the capsule style rear seats and are ready to free style! Note that you need to have a rear rack that can handle the weight of the larger child and seat, so this is ideal for cargo bikes. Not so great for that bike in the shed with the dinky rear rack on it! Also as this is not a capsule, you need provisions to remove any chance that little feet will find their way into the rear wheel! This is done through wheel guards on cargo bikes. You can also make them yourself with ‘oyster net mesh’ or similar (we stock this in store if you’d like to buy some)

From the manufacturer:

Are you looking for a bike seat for your child aged 6 years or over? With the 6+ Junior rear seat from Qibbel, your child sits in utmost comfort behind you.

The seat is extra strong thanks to the metal frame and can carry a weight of up to 35 kilos. Safety is always our guiding principle. That’s why we fit our seats with a lap belt with a three-point connection and sturdy footrests which you can fit at the desired height. With its soft seat cushion, your child can no longer get out of the bike seat.

You can choose from various designs. You can install the rear seat on luggage carriers measuring 11 to 17 centimetres without the need for tools. Need help? Get some good advice in one of our bike shops.

Like the idea of the Qibbel 6+ Junior rear seat?
Check whether your luggage carrier has an 10 to 22 millimetre frame. Difficult? Ask your local bike shop for advice.



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