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Consumer Magazine bike reviews 2022

The new Consumer reviews are out and Moustache has once again topped the class not only with the reviewers but in the customer surveys of satisfaction with their e-bikes.

Paid up members of Consumer (or purchasers of a one-off digital pass) can access all the review details and their handy, interactive comparison tools on their website here

The magazine has a number of reviewers who try out the bikes and rank them by riding them in a variety of situations. We have been observing the reviews and ranking improve in quality over the years, which is likely a result of more experience and consistency in how reviews are conducted.

In addition, they conduct a survey of consumers asking about the reliability and satisfaction of their ebike. From 695 survey participants, Moustache came out as the Top Brand, scoring ‘excellent’ in both ‘reliability’ and ‘satisfaction’. No other brand came close – a few were scored by their owners as ‘excellent’ in Satisfaction, including Merida and Specialized but ‘average’ for reliability. In fact, no other brand was scored as ‘excellent’ for reliability by their owners. Trek came second as ‘good’ and all others below were ‘average’ (or lower).

We were very pleased to see the ‘reliability’ section emphasised with feedback from those who owned the bikes. It is very difficult for a reviewer, no matter how expert they are, to speak to how the bike will fare when it’s no longer new.

The Consumer Magazine rates each bike it reviews by giving a separate score for uses cases including MTB, Trail, Road use, Daily use and Cargo use. These ratings appear independent from one another in the sense that the ‘overall rating’ is generally the top rating from one of the categories. That is to say, a bike won’t get a poor overall rating if it’s no good for ‘cargo use’, as long as it was good at something else (like MTB use). On the flip side, you don’t get appear to score a better overall rating for a very versatile bike that gets high scores across all use cases.

This year the highest score for any individual bike was 88 and there were 5 bikes that achieved this rating, including 3 that we sell:

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