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Tern GSD S10 cargo bike Gen 1

This page contains information about the Tern GSD S10 Generation ONE which is no longer available. The good news is though that we now have the Tern GSD S10 Generation TWO which is similar to its predecessor, just better. So if you are interested in a Tern GSD, please have a look at the Generation TWO.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Be aware that the information below is for the Tern GSD S10 Generation ONE!

If you are interested in the Tern GSD S10 we do have the Tern S10 GSD Generation TWO in stock so please come to our shop and take it for a free test ride.

Tern GSD S10 Generation ONE not longer available

The Tern GSD set the electric cargo bike world on fire from day 1. It seems too good to be true – an e-bike that achieves highly in two seemingly opposite territories – cargo bike and compact bike.

The Tern GSD is both able to carry much more than other e-bikes, yet is easier than a standard e-bike to fit in an elevator, on a train, behind your couch or in the back of your car.

The Tern GSD is one of the most comfortable and safe e-bikes for shorter people to ride, yet can also be ridden by very tall people, making it one of the most shareable family e-bikes.

The GSD is one of the most compact cargo bikes on the market yet fits twice the battery power (bosch dual battery compatible – only one battery included in the price).

It’s little surprise that it is now one of the most reviewed cargo bikes in the world and that the Tern GSD Owner’s group on Facebook numbers over 2000 fans and growing.

How did they achieve this? I’m sure 10 years of designing folding bicycles is a big part of the story. It didn’t seem obvious that folding bike design skills would translate so well to cargo bike design, but in the end it’s all about getting as much as you can out of as little as you can.

We are happy to offer the Tern GSD S10 and accessories for test rides and for sale from our Auckland showroom. The Tern GSD S10 comes in and out of stock throughout the year, so if you’re interested in owning one, get in touch sooner rather than later. We stock the S10 with derailleur gears and 32kph Bosch Performance Line motor. The Tern GSD S00 with CX motor, Nuvinci gears and belt drive is only available in NZ at 25kph and through pre-order.

Tern GSD Generation ONE no longer available

Be aware that this is information about the Tern GSD S10 Generation ONE which is no longer available, but for everyone interested in this fantastic cargo e-bike we now have the Tern GSD S10 Generation TWO which is just the same as Generation ONE, just better.




In the fall of 2010, we established a team of people who knew a thing or two about how to make bikes. We saw an opportunity to form a new company and walk the hard path of starting anew. Once committed, the first step was finding the right name and identity for our fledgling brand. There were about a dozen of us, brainstorming poolside, in the backyard of a Las Vegas rental after Interbike. Our Art Director swung us back to a particularly inspiring quote of Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia, from the film 180° South: “The hardest thing in the world is to simplify your life. It’s so easy to make it complex. The solution, may be, for a lot of the world’s problems is to turn around and take a forward step. You can’t just keep trying to make a flawed system work.” The idea of turning around and moving forward to face the challenges head-on was compelling. It meant retracing some steps, but we would know where to expect the bumps in the road. The discussion kept coming back to the word, turn and all of its connotations, but the word itself lacked personality. With the beer and creativity flowing, a tangential discussion led us to names of migratory animals. After all, we wanted to change how people get around, so that category seemed a fitting source of inspiration. Serendipitously, an internet search found the world-champion of migratory animals to be the Arctic Tern. Being a homophone was already a huge plus, but the nature of the bird is what helped solidify the choice. The Artic Tern has innate characteristics that embody the company we envision.

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