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Y Adaptor for eZee lights


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This small piece allows you to go from one light output plug, to two light outputs. It’s like a double adaptor for lighting from an eZee controllor. 

It uses 2 pin JST connectors on each end. 

This piece is not required for most modern eZee bikes, but is often useful when upgrading the lighting on older eZee bikes.

Older eZees had just one light output from the controllor. Both front and rear light were joined elsewhere on the bike and then plugged into the controllor via just one light cable. You will know this is the case on the bike you’re working on, if the rear light only turns on when you turn on the front light. Said another way, if your rear light turns on as soon as you turn your ignition key to ON, then you do NOT need this part. 

This part plugs into the controllor near the bottom bracket. From there you will have two light outputs. The rear light plugs straight into one of the plugs. Into the other plug goes the “Light cable with SM connector”. The front light plugs into that connector. 


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