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Schwalbe One Tyre – Tanwall


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The new 35mm (width) Schwalbe One offers low rolling resistance & high levels of grip whilst retaining puncture protection. Developed with David Millar and tested on the cobbled streets of Girona, potholes of Ealing and the Belgium pavé.


The distinctive Tanwall tyres afford a Brompton a unique look. Custom made by Schwalbe and once exclusive to the Brompton CHPT3 2019 edition it is now available to all. Go tan and change it up with the new Schwalbe One tyre.

    • Bead: Folding
    • Casing: LiteSkin 127TPI
    • Compound: Addix Race
    • Weight (approx.): 173 g
    • Pressure: 65 – 100 psi


  • Suitable for all Brompton bikes



SCHWALBE – THE BIKE TIRE SPECIALIST. TIRE TECHNOLOGY FOR THE OPTIMUM RIDING EXPERIENCE. Whether you have a city bike, touring bike, road bike, gravel bike or MTB: The tires affect the riding experience like no other bike component. The choice of tire not only determines how well the wheel grips the ground but also influences how easily and comfortably the bike rolls. Ideally, the tire combines such characteristics as maximum grip, high mileage, optimum rolling properties, low weight and reliable resistance to punctures. Sounds technical? The sum of these properties is tangible to every cyclist: as an optimum riding experience. At Schwalbe, we work to continually refine and improve this riding sensation – day in, day out.

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