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Pedal Sensor Dual Hall Sensor for eZee bikes


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Pedal sensor with dual hall sensors and 5 pin output cable with Juliet connector. Compatible eZee bikes using the ‘classic system’, identifiable by the presence of this battery gauge on the handlebar. 

This is the pedal sensor only. The magnet disc is a separate item. 

On the eZee system, this pedal sensor is wired all the way up to the battery gauge on the handlebar. The location of the plug is aproximately 30cm from the battery gauge, usually on the left side of the back next to the downtube of the bike. 

This pedal sensor has a small red LED on it (difficult to see in daylight). When the unit is plugged in (to the battery gauge) and a magnet from the disc is near to the sensor, the LED turns on. When a magnet is not near the sensor, the LED turns off. As such, the red LED is expected to flash as the each magnet on the disc passes it, in the clockwise direction. However, when pedalling at a normal rate, the flashes would be too frequent to detect. When pedalling backwards, the LED is illuminated steady the whole time. 

If the LED is not illuminated, the most likely reason is that the plug and socket near the headtube of the bike has become undone. If it is plugged in properly and still not illuminating and the pedal assist is not working, then you most likely need to replace the pedal sensor. You do not need to remove the crank or bottom bracket to replace the pedal sensor, there is a small philips head screw that you can undo to take the black sensor part of the silver metal ring.

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