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eZee Battery – Vertical Pack


High quality battery for eZee bikes like the Sprint, Forza, Torq, Quando, Carro, Street and Expedir.

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High quality lithium-ion battery for eZee bikes like the Sprint, Forza, Torq, Quando, Carro, Street and Expedir.

The eZee Vertical Battery Pack slides down behind the seat and can be fitted to the eZee Sprint, Forza, Carro (trike), Street, Expedir (cargo) and Quando (folding) models.

It is available in different capacities – 20Ah (720Wh), 28Ah (1008Wh), 34Ah (1224Wh). This battery is designed to fit eZee bikes and will not fit other brands of ebikes.

The 20Ah batteries measure 75mm x 115mm x 380mm and weighs 3.9kg.

The 28Ah and 34Ah batteries are 90mm taller than the 20Ah pack and weigh 5.5kg. Please bear this in mind if you are upgrading your eZee bike battery to a larger capacity one, and make sure you will have enough distance between the underside of your saddle and the top of the battery.

Other than the height difference, all packs are compatible with the same bikes.

The battery charger that is supplied standard with all eZeebikes is used to charge this battery, so there’s no need to buy a new charger if you are upgrading your existing battery. As it is charged at the same rate, it will take longer to charge the higher energy capacity battery.

Please note that due to the large number of ebikes being stolen, we have a policy of only supplying batteries and chargers to people with a valid proof of purchase for the bike.



Established in 2001. We’re passionate about making amazing electric bikes. Working with international standards such as ISO, EN and CE, we guarantee electric bikes of the highest quality and performance. We design complete electric bikes that suit various needs… commuters, adventurers, businesses and more. We source internationally for only the finest bike components to build you a beautiful electric bike that withstands the toughest conditions. With little in the market that met our expectations of how an electric bike should perform, we went on to design and manufacture our very own electric drive system. Today, our drive system system sets the benchmark in performance and efficiency. Through the years, eZee electric bikes have garnered accolades from industry critics and reviewers. Most of all, our loyal customers can attest to the meaningful difference it has made in their lives. Together with our international partners and distributors, we actively share our passion for electric bikes and provide the best service experience to all our customers. We believe eZee brings about a more fun and sustainable way to live, we believe the future of mobility is eZee electric bikes nz.

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