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eZee Battery – Vertical Pack


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This is the standard eZee battery found on the majority of eZee bikes on the road today and is known as the ‘vertical pack’. It slides in behind the seat tube and locks in with a key switch on the bike. If you are looking for a replacement battery for an eZee Sprint, eZee Torq, Forza, Quando or Cadence, then this is likely the battery you are after. This is not a suitable replacement battery for other brands of electric bicycles, you’ll need to track down one that fits your bike if it’s not an eZee.

We also offer a ‘tall vertical pack’ which offers super high capacity and therefore much longer range than other e-bikes on the market. These can be seen here.


Is this battery compatible with my older eZee bike?

  • The capacity and cell technology inside this battery has evolved over time. However, the physical pack itself still fits on all eZee bikes going back to 2001, giving supreme convenience for eZee riders that a spare battery has been consistently available for the past 2 decades. This gives confidence to today’s buyers of eZee bikes that a battery will be available for them down the track as well. There are very few brands, if any, with such a strong track record of commitment to having compatible spare parts available to owners of their bikes.

What is the voltage, capacity and cell type of this battery?

  • The voltage of these batteries is 36V. The capacity, in Ah, has ranged from 10Ah to 20Ah over time and in general more than one size has been available. We list here the sizes currently available. However, regardless of what size battery you are currently using, you can choose from any of them now. These batteries are filled with high quality cells such as Panasonic, Samsung, Sony etc and has changed over the years.

What is the warranty in years and charge cycles of this battery?

  • These batteries carry a 2 year warranty. The warranty states that the battery will still have 70% of its original capacity after 2 years of use. We have a battery discharge machine in store to carry out such tests. We are frequently asked how many cycles this battery is rated for. However, the cycle rating generally exceeds the actual warranty on all e-bike batteries on the market. For example, these cells are rated between 600 and 1000 full cycles. The slim minority of e-bike user will go through 600 full charge cycles of their battery in the first 2 years, so we don’t recommend buyers to get too excited about rated charge cycles – it’s the time based warranty that you will are buying into.

What is the expected lifetime of this battery?

  • The only thing we can guarantee that you will get is the 2 year warranty period. However, we often get asked what is ‘normal’. It is normal for an eZee battery to exceed its warranty period. Having sold these bikes and batteries to regular users since 2010, we have found that a regular user (someone who uses their bike several times per week) will typically purchase a battery in their 4th or 5th year of owning the bike. This depends on use of course. If you are fully charging your battery every night and/or topping up in the middle of the day as well, you might not get much more than 2 years. You may be able to avoid this by choosing a larger capacity battery at time of purchase so that it’s not being charged so much.

How far does this battery go on one charge?

  • This is a common question but not so easy to answer quickly. The power consumption of your e-bike depends on many factors, some of which are obvious enough such as rider weight and pedalling effort and how many hills you encounter. However, the most influential factor is how fast you ride – if you like cruising around at 35kph, you will use your battery much faster (perhaps 3 times faster) than if you ride at 20kph. We have found that the 36V 20Ah battery lasts at least 35km even when used in worst conditions – at full speed in challenging terrain. We also have reports of people going well over 100km on the same battery. In strong head winds, all bets are off, your battery will be depleted quickly.

I’m not in Auckland, how should I buy this battery?

  • If there is an eZee dealer local to you, then please purchase from there. It will be at the same price. Otherwise, contact us and we will arrange the battery to get to you

I’m unsure whether I need a new battery or whether my existing one can be repaired/rejuvenated. What should I do?

  • If your existing battery stopped working altogether, it’s possible there is something repairable such as battery connectors. Please contact us with specific information and we will help you with your options. If it has slowly been getting weaker (less range and less power) over the years, then there is nothing that will rejuvenate it and you should just buy a new battery, you’ll only be wasting money looking into it.





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