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Subscription – eZee Expedir monthly


The super popular eZee Expedir on a flexible monthly subscription!

To get yours, please start by booking a visit to test our the bike here!


The much loved eZee Expedir family cargo bike is available for subscription on a monthly basis. The minimum term is only 1 month with no obligation to continue (minimum notification periods apply). The Expedir is recommended for use on sealed paths and roads with up to 2 children or general cargo.
“Small kid” means one that fits into the child capsules as per photos. Generally this is 2-5 year olds but it’s not uncommon for a 1 year old to be a passenger or a 6-7 year old to still squeeze into these seats. “Big kid” means one who is able to sit on a cushion and hang on without seat belts etc. Generally this means 5 years and older.
While we always have an Expedir on the showroom floor for test rides, it usually takes a few days to set up a subscription expedir for you. The first step is book in your visit to test ride the Expedir to make sure it’s right for you and to work out the setup required. After your test ride, we will work out a good day for you to come back and start the subscription. Book your first visit here.
  • User (customer) is responsible for pick up and drop off at our store at 29 East Street for initial handover and all maintenance needs (we aren’t able to do pick ups and drop offs)
  • Automatic monthly payment to be set up at time of pick-up for each month in advance.
  • Regular maintenance is included in the cost. For breakdowns, AA members can call AA and have the bike brought to us. Otherwise, customer will have to get the bike to us somehow.
  • Insurance: user (customer) is responsible for e-bike if stolen or crashed/damaged and will be liable for repairs, parts and replacement to a maximum of $5000. Alternatively, we can offer insurance to reduce the excess to $500. Bike must be locked up when not in use and not left outside overnight.


  • Within 1 month of finishing your subscription, you can use the last two month’s of your subscription fees (insurance payments excluded) towards a purchase of any e-bike in the store!
  • eZee bike subscriptions are restricted to the Auckland area
More information about the eZee Expedir:



Established in 2001. We’re passionate about making amazing electric bikes. Working with international standards such as ISO, EN and CE, we guarantee electric bikes of the highest quality and performance. We design complete electric bikes that suit various needs… commuters, adventurers, businesses and more. We source internationally for only the finest bike components to build you a beautiful electric bike that withstands the toughest conditions. With little in the market that met our expectations of how an electric bike should perform, we went on to design and manufacture our very own electric drive system. Today, our drive system system sets the benchmark in performance and efficiency. Through the years, eZee electric bikes have garnered accolades from industry critics and reviewers. Most of all, our loyal customers can attest to the meaningful difference it has made in their lives. Together with our international partners and distributors, we actively share our passion for electric bikes and provide the best service experience to all our customers. We believe eZee brings about a more fun and sustainable way to live, we believe the future of mobility is eZee electric bikes nz.

Additional information

Weight 35.4 kg
Electric System Brand

Electric System Family

Motor Torque (Nm)


Battery Capacity

Battery Range

EBT e-Bike Size Guide

, ,

EBT Weight Guide


Bottom Bracket Height (cm)

Ground to Seatpost Clamp Min. (Smallest Frame)

Step Over Height (cm)

EBT Step-Thru Guide


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