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Moustache Bikes NZ

Moustache bikes made in France by a highly talented team of bike designers and industry members. Although a relatively new brand, they were not starting from scratch, the founders bringing decades of experience at major bike brands to hit the ground sprinting at Moustache. From their unmistakable Lundi to their phenomenally successful Xroad, Moustache is in a league of their own and rightly gaining a loyal following throughout New Zealand. Moustache approach an e-bike with a goal to be: different, modern, innovative and quality. It’s the desire to consider the rider as our priority, the centre of our thought and development process. It’s the desire to offer bikes that are both unique and rewarding by combining design, comfort and ease of use. Moustache is distributed in NZ by Ebikestudio/Chargeabout in Queenstown and EBT is the Auckland dealer

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moustache xroad FS

Moustache Xroad 5 FS (full suspension)

Moustache X Road 7 FS

Moustache Xroad 7 FS (full suspension)


Moustache Xroad 2 Closed


Moustache Xroad 3 Closed Frame

profile of moustache off 2 with step through frame

Moustache Off 2 Open


Moustache Xroad 3 FS

moustache xroad 5 studio shot

Moustache Xroad 5 Open

Moustache xroad 3 studio shot

Moustache Xroad 3 Open

moustache xroad 2 studio shot profile

Moustache Xroad 2 Open


Moustache Trail 4W

Moustache Lundi 26.3

Moustache Lundi 26.3

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