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City Pannier Bag for Benno eJoy


In stock


For Benno eJoy or eScout.

This is a single side pannier bag. The photo is showing 2 of them, so if you’d like one for both sides, please purchase 2.

Volume: 20 liters (each)

Dimensions: 10-15cm x 46 x 42cm (W x L x H)

Our medium capacity pannier bags are designed to carry a variety of different loads, big and small. The adjustable strap system lets you secure anything from loaded grocery bags to oversized items by simply tightening the horizontal straps. Depending on the size of the item, you can either close the cover or leave it open to allow extra room for the load to extend out.

Sold individually



Benno Bikes was founded in 2015 with the goal of reinventing bike design. Not only to inspire more people to ride, but to empower them to ride more. To grab a helmet and leave their car keys behind. They have created a completely new ebike category called Etility. One that combines an awesome ride with the capability to carry significant loads.
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