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Product Recall – 19Ah battery for eZeebikes, circa 2016-17

We have been instructed by eZee to replace a small batch of batteries sold after June 2016, with some sold as late as early 2017. There is a fire risk associated with this batch of batteries, therefore it is very important that you check your battery.

If you have an eZee bike, particularly if purchased in the second half of 2016, please check your serial number. If you purchased an eZee bike in that period and have since sold it, please contact the person you sold it to and send them this information. To check your serial number you need to remove the battery from your bike, as it is not visible when the battery is in place in the bike. The serial number is on a label on the back of the battery. There is generally a batch code consisting of a date (eg 20160316), a description of the type of battery eg LG MK 2016 19Ah and then a long serial number. Please send us all of the numbers using our contact form or by calling us on 09 368 5899. If you wish, you can simply send a photo of the back of your battery to [email protected].

The serial number sequence that is to be replaced are those beginning with the three following codes:
D36203360P04X _ _ _ _, 2) D36203360P05X _ _ _ _ & 3) D36303360P06X _ _ _ _

These are all LG packs. In NZ, these are generally from the 20160316 batch of batteries which arrived into the country in June 2016 and were mostly sold to re-sellers (bike shops) by September 2016. However, some shops may have had stock for some time before selling them, so anybody with an eZee bike should check their battery and we would appreciate being sent your battery serial number whether or not you’re from the affected batch so that we know who has checked and therefore who we do not need to contact.

Answers to frequently asked questions are below.

Q – How do I remove my battery?

A – Push and turn your ignition key all the way counter-clockwise. Flip up the seatpost (or remove the whole seatpost). Pull your battery upwards and backwards to remove it. If you’re having trouble, get someone to help you, they can be stiff if they haven’t been removed in a long time

Q – What happens if I have one of the affected batteries?

A – We will replace it with a brand new safer one, free of charge. You will need to return your old battery to us or your place of purchase first. If you’re visiting us in Auckland, you will get a replacement on the spot.

Q – My place of purchase isn’t around anymore or I’ve moved city and I’m not in Auckland. How do I get the battery to you?

A – Please check if there’s an eZee dealer near you. Otherwise, package up your battery and put our details on it (EBT, 29 East Street Eden Terrace 1010) and we will organise a courier to pick it up.

Q – What happens to the 2 year warranty that came with my original battery?

A – The warranty, if still current, will be transferred to the new battery. If there is no warranty left (this is the case for almost everyone), you will receive a 6 month warranty on the new battery.

Q – I’ve found that my battery is affected. Can I keep using my bike until I get a chance to drop in and swap for a new one?

A – The risk is associated with charging them to full. It’s no problem to ride the bike, in fact it is safer for your battery to be at a lower state of charge. The first thing we do when we receive them is discharge them. If you need to charge it before you will have a chance to come back in, consider charging the bike outside the house. The most important thing is to come in promptly. Although it’s been 3 years already, there’s no sense in taking a risk.

Q – I hardly ever use my e-bike, is it still worth checking?

A – Yes. Although an unused battery is at very low risk, there’s no sense in not checking the serial. Also, we have a list of serial numbers to track down and we intend to find every single one, so your help is appreciated there.

Q – I bought a bike in that period, but I’m not still using my original battery. What info do you need?

A – Please let us know as best you can what date you stopped using your original battery and where it was returned to. Also let us know your new serial number for our records.

Q – What will happen to my old battery? Can I use it for a DIY project?

A – Your old battery will be discharged and the lithium recycled. It cannot be used anymore, that’s the whole point of the recall, to remove them from circulation.

Q – I have other questions

A – Give us a call – 09 368 5899


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