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You're warmly invited to the inaugural EBT open day!

This is where you get a chance to experience EBT and the ebike industry from the other side of the table. Get a tour of what we do and participate in some fun games/quizzes/tests. Complete all the activities (whether successfully or memorably) and receive a discount voucher.

We'll have pizza for everyone (delivered by cargo bike by Pizza Presto) to help lure you in!

This is unashamedly a recruitment drive, so that we can continue to keep to our high standards (guilty of being picky!) when it comes to e-bike passionate team members even in these challenging times. There's a bit of a staff shortage happening in NZ at time of writing, as well as a bike boom which has seen almost every bike company looking for new staff at the same time.

Having said that, we'd love you to come along whether or not you're interested in working here because it's just supposed to be a fun session and we'll all appreciate your positive energy. And you never know, maybe one day in your future there's a spot for you in transforming Auckland's transport mix for the better!

You can read a bit more about working with EBT on our blog article about working in the e-bike industry. At times we have live listings over on our Seek Page. Don't let the listings limit your imagination (there might not even be any as they expire quickly) - if you're good at what you do and want to make a difference in the e-bike stakes, get in touch with us or come along to the Open Day to get the wheels rolling!

Download the poster and put up around your community!

Please RSVP for pizza catering purposes!

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