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EBT and Covid alert Level 2

We are very happy at the effort everyone has gone to across the country to contain the Covid-19 outbreak in NZ. We all need to continue work together to make Aotearoa a Covid-19 free zone!

We are also very excited to welcome in Level 2.

In Level 2, by appointments, customers will be able to visit our showroom and have a face to face, full retail experience complete with test rides of multiple e-bikes to find the right one for you.

If you’d like to make a booking, please do so asap: Showroom visit and test rides

The workshop still has a large backlog, due to running on fewer staff numbers in Level 3 and the backlog that Level 4 created. If you require the workshop’s services, please fill in this Workshop Booking Request form. This essentially puts you on our waiting list. The list is quite long already, so please bear with us as we slowly catch up, which could take well into winter. If your needs can wait a couple of months, that would be ideal.

For a showroom visit for the purpose of buying accessories, as opposed to buying an e-bike, you have two options. If you’re thinking a visit of less than 15 minutes, please call the shop or text Maurice on 0274330057 with the time you’d like to visit. You could even do this just before heading over, to check that it’s viable – in most cases it won’t be a problem. If you have a longer visit in mind, please just use the showroom appointment form and make it clear that it’s not for a bike –

In summary, all visits are to be pre-arranged, please do not just show up unannounced. This is to help with our workload, to make sure that your visit is productive for you, to stay within the health guidelines for Alert Level 2 and to make sure that if there are any reported Covid cases from anyone who has visited our shop, we will have precise information, immediately available, of everyone who has visited our store, whether they made a purchase or not. FAQ follows

Buying E-bikes and accessories (workshop is further down)

  • Will you be open in Level 2 (from Tuesday May 14)?

Yes, but by appointment only. Bookings start May 18 and the form to make an appointment is here: Showroom visit and test rides

  • Can I just buy the bike I want online?

Yes you can! There’s a few options. You can simply place an order on our website. Most people are choosing ‘direct debit’ to avoid credit card fees. You can also email us and we will send you an invoice for payment. If you prefer to place an order over the phone, you can, but the payment step will generally be separate as we can’t take large card payments over the phone.

  • The bike I want says “available on backorder”. What does that mean?

That means our supplier has this in stock and can ship to us. So go ahead and order it and we’ll get it in for you as soon as we can.

  • Can you deliver my bike to me in Auckland?

Yes, we can deliver anywhere in Auckland, generally within a day or two of order. Your e-bike will be fully built and ready to go. The drop off will be contactless. Payment needs to happen before delivery.

  • Can you deliver my bike to me elsewhere in NZ?

In some cases we can. However, if there is a local dealer for the same bike in your area, we would recommend you contact them first. The relationship after purchase is more important than the bike itself, so it’s in your interests to give your local the first and second chance. If the bike you want has no local representation or you have decided that you’d still rather purchase from us, then we will be happy to help. Your e-bike will arrive in a box and some re-assembly will be required. We will have assembled and test ridden it and then minimally disassembled it to fit into a box. Generally this means re-fitting the pedals and handlebar.

  • Can I pick up the bike I purchased?

Yes, just choose ‘pickup’ as your option

  • So what happens once I’ve got my bike and I have questions on how to use it?

Not a problem. Get in touch and we will call you back on (Facetime/Zoom works well) and go through anything you need to know. We can also point you towards videos on how your bike works.

  • Can I come into your showroom in level 2?

Yes, but by appointment only

buying parts and accessories

  • Can I buy stuff over the phone?

Not very easily. This would generally only work for people who are familiar with our shop and our range or have a high level of trust in our recommendations. For example it’s easy enough if an existing customer calling and saying ‘I wish I’d got that floor pump before lockdown, that yellow one in your shop, can I buy it now?’ or ‘please sell me a repair kit for that bike you sold me’. We can handle that. But if you don’t know us or our range and we don’t know your bike and you call asking what types of helmets we have, it’s not going to work too well. Please place your orders online in that situation.

  • Can I buy stuff on line?

Yes. As we speak we are loading more and more product online that can be purchased.

  • Can I pick up my purchases?


General enquiries and help (unrelated to a purchase)

  • Are you all at the shop like normal in Level 2?

Most of us will be physically in the shop in Level 2, however it’s still not what we’d call ‘normal’. Visits from the public are to be by appointment and we anticipate we will be catching up with backlog in the workshop well into winter.

  • Is the phone operating as normal in Level 2?

Yes, more or less normal. If you have trouble getting through, please send an email or text Maurice on 0274330057

  • Am I allowed to ride my bike in level 2?

Absolutely. Ride like a champion!


  • Is your workshop back to normal in level 2?

Almost. We have some backlog to catch up with first, then we will be taking bookings as normal. For the moment, just contact us if you’d like to book in and we will add you to the waiting list. Our waiting list is quite long now, so please bear with us as we slowly catch up, which could take well into winter.

  • who is getting priority while the workshop has backlog?

Existing customers and those who bought their e-bikes from us have priority. We will not be taking on any new workshop clients until further notice. This will likely remain the case until the deep of winter

  • My free three month service is due and I’m worried I’m going to miss out because you’re booked out.

Fear not, we will honour your first free service even if it’s a bit late. However, you do need to flag it with us now by contacting us, so that we know to contact you as soon as we have space for you. If you just show up 9 months late with vague reference to Covid-19, that doesn’t mean you’ll get a 12 month service for free!

  • I have a non-electric bike that I really need repaired, can you help?

No, we deal in electric bikes only. There are plenty of bike shops that can help you.

  • I fit your description of an existing customer. Can I just show up?

No. Everything is by appointment in Level 2.

  • how do I make an appointment?

Please email us with as much information as possible on what your concern is, when you can drop off, how long you can be without your bike, whether you require a courtesy bike, whether your job has a budget limitation, the odometer reading on your bike etc (we are working on an online form for this info). We will then get back to you to make a time to drop off your bike.

  • Can’t I just phone you instead?

You can, but please don’t be offended if you’re just asked to email the information above or if a message is taken for someone to call you back, as the mechanics are very busy and don’t have time to field lengthy phone calls

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