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EBT at Level 3 (step 1)

The Electric Bike Team is partially operational at Alert Level 3 (Step 1). These are the main points here based on the newly minted “step 1” situation. For us, nothing changes until step 2.

  • We are available for contactless pick up of purchases and for contactless drop off of booked-in workshop jobs.
  • General test riding of various e-bikes with a view to purchase is not possible until we reach Level 3 Step 2. We encourage you to make a test ride booking to do this as soon as Level 3 Step 2 dates are announced, as the transition time to Step 2 will be extremely busy for EBT.
  • No customers are permitted inside the shop during Level 3 Step 1. Even if you find the glass door open when you arrive, please do not enter
  • The shop will be closed on weekends (trading Mon-Fri only)
  • Please let us know before visiting the shop by phone or email including the approximate expected time.
  • Some staff are working from home and some are in the shop. Often those of us you have been talking to or emailing are the ones who are not at the shop
  • If you have a 3 month free service due about now, please let us know now and we will book it in for you a bit down the track.

Making a purchase (choosing what to buy)

To help you in deciding what ebike to buy or to help choose accessories, we would recommend browing our website and then emailing us or calling us to talk through your options. This is highly preferable to trying to do this when you’ve already arrived at the store, as you’ll otherwise just be awkwardly standing on the footpath having a phone conversation – start off your search from the comfort of your home instead 🙂

Delivery of purchased e-bikes

During Level 3 we are offering a flat rate $49 contactless delivery to the greater Auckland area of fully assembled e-bikes. They will arrive ready to ride, fully assembled, generally within a few days of finalising the order. If you are outside of Auckland, the bike can be sent in a box to your favourite local bike shop and they can assemble it for a fee.

Visiting our store

We are open Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm during Level 3. Ideally when you arrive, we should be expecting you, it makes everything easier and quicker. Whatever your reason for coming, when you arrive, please scan the Covid Tracer thing (there’s a QR code on a table in front of the sliding doors) and then move away from the entrance area and call us on 093685899 (You can also sign in without scanning using ‘electric bike team’ under a manual entry in your app).

Picking up a bike or accessories (includes workshop jobs)

Once it’s clear what you are buying, please make payment through the bank as per details on your receipt and let us know what time to expect you for pickup. When you arrive at the shop, please sign in at the table near the front glass doors and then call 093685899 to talk about what you are picking up. When we bring the goods outside, please leave plenty of space. We’ll then go inside and you can take your goodies. Please understand that it’s not practical for us to show you how the bike works and all that stuff which we normally love to do, because of the contactless nature. You can also call us when you get home with the bike and ask any questions. Another option is to email asking for us to video call you (zoom/facetime) to go over any queries on your bike. Or just enjoy your bike and come back in Level 2 to get any bits and pieces from the showroom and ask any questions about your bike’s operation.

Dropping off a bike for service

We are offering servicing, but you need a booking first. Email us with details and we’ll book you in. Dropping off is much like picking up above, but in reverse. And also you may want to just hang in there on the phone call while your bike is brought inside in case you want to talk about your servicing needs to a mechanic once they have your bike in their hands.

If you need help loading or unloading your bike (eg onto a car rack)

We are happy to help with your bike, but it’s an either/or. Either we are doing it all, or you are doing it all. For example, you can wait in a car while we load a bike into the back of it or onto a rack, but we can’t be all doing it together.

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