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Abus Bordo 6000


The stability of a u-lock combined with the flexibility of a cable lock.

Abus Security Level 10

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The stability of a u-lock combined with the flexibility of a cable lock

Place your trust in the quality of a classic model: the BORDO 6000 Folding Lock offers ease of use as well as outstanding protection against theft.

The BORDO 6000 Folding Lock features six 5 mm steel bars connected with special rivets, which fold together like a yardstick. This is familiar territory for ABUS the locks in the ABUS BORDO family have gained a reputation as true classics whose functionality has nevertheless yet to be surpassed. The ultra-sturdiness of the bars and body (manufactured from specially hardened steel) is matched by the flexibility of the BORDO6000’s folding system. The high-quality ABUS Plus cylinder also provides a high level of protection, for example against picking. A soft two-component casing prevents damage to the bike’s paintwork. The “Made in Germany” quality of the BORDO 6000 Folding Lock has received international acclaim, for example from test institutes in Russia, Denmark and the United Kingdom. 90cm length.

Abus Security Level 10


5 mm bars with extra-soft two-component casing to prevent damage to paintwork

The bars and body are made of specially hardened steel

Bars are linked with special rivets

ABUS Plus cylinder for a high level of protection against tampering, e.g. picking

Operation and Use:

Outstanding protection in situations where there is a medium risk of theft

Ideal for securing high-cost bicycles


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