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Electric Bike Team is Hiring

Auckland’s favourite electric bicycle shop is looking for new team members and we think that this could be you!

There’s a range of roles to fill and many do not require any direct experience in the bike industry. Some roles are full time, others are flexible. 

The openings have come about due both to growth of our little business and that we are losing the amazing superstar manager Talia, who will be saving the world in a slightly different way and will be the ranger on Tiritiri Matangi island! 

If you’re great at what you do, organised, good with people and want to make Auckland a better place through the sale of electric bicycles, then we’d love to hear from you!

The sorts of tasks and roles that we are trying to fill include:

  • business management – payroll, accounting, HR and more
  • retail store management – stock display, ordering, roster and more
  • workshop management – scheduling, pricing, reporting, work flow, training
  • in-store sales of electric bicycles, especially Saturdays
  • mechanics – junior and senior for bike building, servicing, diagnostics and repair

To express interest, please send an email to [email protected] and include answers to the following questions. Please understand that although these positions are available immediately, it may take some time for us to digest applications and to respond. If you are looking for a role in particular, you can expect some more specific follow up questions from us. 

1 – what has motivated you to want to join the Electric Bike Team?

2 – is there a particular role that you’d like to apply for?

3 – can you give an example in your daily life or work where you have encouraged others to try riding a bike or ride their bike more often?

4 – what do you think would be the most challenging thing for you working at the Electric Bike Team?

5 – what do you think would be the most exciting thing about working here?

Thank you and please spread the word!

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Alex Mazonowicz

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